Dry Fire

Dry Fire 1.0

Learn defensive actions and see how long you can stay alive
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Dry Fire is a fabulous game of action with explosions fantastically well animated. The graphics are simple but with high quality, just like the sound effects. The background music is as usual repetitive, but not annoying at all unlike other games that force you to play in silent mode.

The game is about a tank with a canon which will be quickly attacked by heavily armed people, your mission is to eliminate them, but not one by one. Instead of that, attempt to destroy as many as you can with a single shot of the canon to win more points, be careful not to let them damage your only weapon.

As you advance in the game the difficulty will raise and with it also the fun! The canon will be in constant shooting which is very exciting, although not everything is so easy since the enemies will also gather more strength and several laser platforms will begin to appear. You can destroy them with two shots. Not even the air space is safe due to helicopters ready to start a strike against you, these require three shots to be taken down.

There will be a frightening moment when you will not be able to handle so many simultaneous attacks, a critical moment needing a critical action, your last defense will be your most secret weapon... a huge bomb! Press space to detonate it and you will notice this weapon is truly devastating. It will destroy all enemies around. These bombs are not easily found, instead you have to wait for them to literally fall from the sky, on a parachute. To get them simply shoot at them. All these characteristics make this game very entertaining and unique.

Jonathan Palencia
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